I am a bookmaker, artist, educator, lapsed librarian, and arts organizer.

I work to create objects, structures, and situations that draw attention to human presence and participation and ask what will happen if we are asked to be, to act, to talk, to read, to interpret in a way or a space that is slightly unexpected.

My projects are typically either created in collaboration with others, or take as their subject (and often, objective) discourse, presence, and interaction, and the tenuous and slippery status of linguistic meaning. I am particularly interested in the relational possibilities of symbolic, linguistic, and literal temporary spaces and the history of alternative spaces and publications.

I am affiliated with Iowa City art space Public Space One, where I work to instigate and support experimental, cooperative, and community-based art practices and resources.

Other projects I contribute to include:
Drift Plain Collective: representing artists, printers, and bookmakers
Prompt Press (book arts editor)
University of Iowa Center for the Book (adjunct assistant professor)
The Paper Nest (resident bookbinder)

Contact me at kalmia(AT)lightsoundslike(DOT)com.